We offer a series of open-source products because security should be available to everyone. We also understand that many of you don’t have the time to learn about and install a full featured security environment, so we also provide ready-to-run versions of our products which start at the desktop right up to hardened servers for your web-access. The following is a quick look into our security offerings:

Safety for the rest of us.

Protection you can actually use. Performance, security and applications that work just like the ones you use every day.

There are many fantastic products available to protect your anonymity and privacy, but:

  • Which ones do you get?
  • How do you install these products?
  • What about setting up encryption?
  • How do I create an uncompromised identity?
  • What to do about malware on my computer?
  • What about email, messaging, voice & video services?
  • Are my existing online providers following me?
  • Has the NSA/Windows Backdoor been compromised?

These are just a few of the problems facing users when they consider getting protected. We offer professionally configured or do-it-yourself free downloads because; everyone deserves protection.

A Must Read: Our Security Guide

Visit our security website at security.kloudkover.com