KodeGen is both the name of our IDE and also the name of the worlds most powerful kode generator. While you might think  a kode generator integrated into the “KodeGen” IDE is pretty kool, that is just part of the KodeGen magic. While there is allot of buzz about web foundation classes, hows this. KodeGen generates a kustom foundation klass every time you load a KDOS application! What this comes down to is the smallest, fastest applications on the Web. And, the vast majority of the kode is generated on the klient making load times so fast you won’t believe your eyes.

Kreating Web applications is both fast and intuitive. First   you use our visual wizard to kreate a kustom kanvas (page/form) that can be responsive or static. Because it’s a live wizard, you have infinite layouts. Next,you drop komponents from our IDE onto your kanvas, set a few properties and connect them to events and your off.You can skip this step if you’re using our KDBM (Kloud Data Base Manager) as the klient side database pretty much handles everything you want through the properties editor. KodeGen is always available when you klick an event, or need it, ready to generate almost all of your kode.

Wait till you see the speed your applications execute at. Our KDBM klient-side database literally turbo-charges your applications. And when it comes to komponents, how about just about every JQuery plugin can be made Drag-and-Drop ready, and many of the best of them already have!

So what are you waiting for, take a live test-drive of the KodeGen IDE, sign up for a secure KloudKover Koudtop and start kreating your dynamite App today!