Yet another cloud desktop. Why? While you can use KloudKover as a cloud based desktop, that’s not why we kreated it. When you kreate a real application, kloud based or not, your users will most likely need a variety of tools. For example, they will want to view information from your applications database, kreate their own kustom reports. Send mailings to klients, view and edit your applications data in a spreadsheet, word processor, etc.

As developers know, this is a major task. With KloudKover, all you do is link your users to KloudKover and everything they need is only a klick or tap away. Your users simply add your application to their KloudKover desktop. Just like their  computer based desktop, they can add it to the launch menu, launchbar or even a shortcut on their desktop in KloudKover.

Even the style of their version of their KloudKover desktop can be traditional or WIndows 8. Best of all once a user has their own KloudKover Desktop, they can add other applications from other departments or vendors giving them the total solution to their needs. This increases value to your product.

KloudKover can be user based on our servers, a VPS for your company, or you can purchase the KloudKover server and host it yourself.

So what are your waiting for, checkout KloudKover today.