KDOS is the foundation of our entire product line. Just like your computer or device provides an Operating System to simplify programming, KDOS provides the same type of services between your browser and your device. It also facilitates on-demand kode generation based on the requirements of a particular application. This allows an application to be lightning fast as they only contain the komponents they need. Extending this, many of our komponents are also generated on demand, a new and exciting concept we call Silicon Intelligence.

There is a major difference between a web page and web application. Real applications require connection to a database. There is a big debate going on between young programmers arguing whether to use a traditional relational database or the new buzz-base, object oriented databases. After almost 40 years, there is a simple answer to this, relational databases, where most of the worlds information is stored is the only way to go if you need reports or the data is the same for each group (simple answer), where an object oriented database is perfect when every entry may very.

Our answer is KSDB, our Klient Side Database, built right into KDOS. It offers lightning-fast execution and attaches to most  server-side databases, regardless if they’re object oriented or relational.  So, in addition to being lightning fast, it attaches to your companies database with a few mouse klicks.