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With the gap left by the tripping of long term rates by the Bishop BLM Field office rated the worst in the nation B.T.W., the Baja LTVA was created to fill the gap with a selection of beach front campgrounds. Both Winter and Summer rates start at just $300 for ocean view and access and just $500 for beachfront lots! Seasons are for 6 months and all lots are double-wide. This is the LTVAers best bargain! Learn More

The eBay Equalizer: Tell eBay “never again”

The eBay Equalizer will allow victims of eBay’s “Lord & Serf”, i.e., Buyer & Seller, class system to easily file small claims complaints, discovery documents, deceptive and misleading trade practices letters, and for those who can’t afford their state’s small claims fee, a “Motion for Indigency” which generally results in the waiving of the Court’s filing fees. Full Story


Lieutenant Leonard Cosby of the California Oceanside Police Department, in a series of exclusive emails with the United States Watchdogs, updated us on the the state of the case against Attorney Lorraine Rosenfeld and her company Lightning Property Management, also of Oceanside California. Full Story


Our Blogging Networks

Our blogging networks are interest based, contain our own blogs as well as offering premium Wordpress blog hosting to bloggers who write about a subject of interest to the network members.. In additio... Find out more

RV Hobo Network

Information and Answers from professionals and fellow RVers. Checkout our Blogs and exclusive NewsNet service. A virtually unlimited Communities infastructure; each with its own forum, blog, calendar,... Find out more

U.S. Freedom Network

The United States Freedom Network is about one simple principle: If a trusted official, business executive or company breaks the trust of their office, the U.S. Freedom Network will put a spotlight on... Find out more


KDOS is the foundation of our entire product line. Just like your computer or device provides an Operating System to simplify programming, KDOS provides the same type of services between your browser ... Find out more


KodeGen is both the name of our IDE and also the name of the worlds most powerful kode generator. While you might think a kode generator integrated into the "KodeGen" IDE is pretty kool, that is just... Find out more


Yet another cloud desktop. Why? While you can use KloudKover as a cloud based desktop, that’s not why we kreated it. When you kreate a real application, kloud based or not, your users will most like... Find out more


By popular demand we are making handy applications written with our development tools available free of charge. The first accessory is or Solar Kalculator that will give you real information not slant... Find out more


Applications are full blown web applications that require your data is hosted on an application server (website). All of our applications were created using our KodeGen development system and therefor... Find out more


We offer a series of open-source products because security should be available to everyone. We also understand that many of you don't have the time to learn about and install a full featured security ... Find out more